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Introducing Hydra, the multifaceted productivity platform developed by CPAC Systems. Born from our extensive collaboration and inspired by the success of Volvo CE Co-Pilot, Hydra is a versatile solution for advanced vehicle integration in a wide range of machines.

With its de-coupled architecture, Hydra assumes multiple roles within a vehicle, functioning as both a central vehicle node and a productivity network hub simultaneously. Its robust design ensures compatibility for on-road, off-road, and marine applications.


Hydra, developed by CPAC Systems, is a highly adaptable productivity platform designed for advanced vehicle integration in a wide array of machines.

Advanced Features

With its robust design, Hydra offers high computational power, a flexible software platform, and extensive wired and wireless communication options. It supports additional communication methods, low-power modes, and multiple touchscreens, making it an ideal choice for various applications, from on-road to off-road and marine use.

Decoupled Architecture

Hydra’s decoupling architecture ensures a clear separation between vehicle and productivity networks. This separation allows for rapid development and the addition of advanced functionality to the productivity network without compromising essential vehicle functions, providing enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Hydra boasts high computational power, a flexible software platform, and a comprehensive array of wired and wireless communication options, making it highly scalable and adaptable. Its modular hardware can be expanded to support additional communication methods and low-power modes, including battery operation. Support for multiple touchscreens provides a unique user experience and facilitates third-party function integration. Four FAKRA camera connectors enable comprehensive visual monitoring around the vehicle, enhancing safety features.

Additional Features:
  • Ethernet, CAN, LIN, Bluetooth, LTE, and satellite connection/telematics
  • Full vehicle integration for vehicle control, whether ICE or electric powertrain
  • Productivity solutions for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Android environment for customizations and flexibility

Hydra's Decouple Architecture

Hydra follows the decoupled architecture strategy pioneered by the Volvo CE Co-Pilot platform, allowing it to perform various roles within a vehicle’s network. As a platform in the productivity network, Hydra enhances machine efficiency and return on investment while serving as a central node in the vehicle network, ensuring basic vehicle functions.

Decoupling between the vehicle network and the productivity network/connected services is achieved through a robust separation of both hardware and software. This separation facilitates rapid development and enhances functionality in the productivity network without impacting essential vehicle functions.

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