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Embedded systems are at the core of CPAC’s capabilities, serving as the very heartbeat of our business. Their applications are boundless, enabling us to craft bespoke user interfaces for industrial contexts and even security-critical control and drive-by-wire systems. Our operations thrive in a supply-oriented, agile environment, always adhering to the highest standards of quality.

CPAC thrives on being anything but conventional. We stand as industrial innovators driven by an unwavering ambition to challenge ourselves, our clients, and conventional methodologies. This drive is not rooted in a desire for complexity but in ensuring that every product reaches its maximum potential.

From ingenious concepts to fully industrialized products and solutions, our expertise spans the spectrum. We engineer intricate systems for comprehensive vehicle control and integration projects, harnessing our wide range of products to enhance diverse vehicle types.
In collaboration with a robust network of production partners, we proudly deliver more than 700,000 components annually and shoulder the responsibility for the entire product lifecycle. Our commitment extends beyond creation; we stand by the durability and performance of our offerings.

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