Our employees’ potential is the linchpin of our success, and we foster an environment that stimulates courage and accountability.

We are driven by a commitment to people, not just engineers.

Our daily lives are infused with a passion for technology, which we harness to empower ourselves, our clients, and our partners. Our products and solutions set our customers apart from their competitors and open new revenue streams, a feat we like to call “differentiating technology.”

We measure our success by selling successful products, not just by launching development projects. Our strength lies in speeding up the time-to-market for our products. We achieve this by combining efficient development work with assisting customers in making informed decisions at the right moment. We have no reservations about reimagining existing technologies, which allows us to realize ideas faster and at a lower cost.






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Proud member of the Volvo Group

Meet our Employees

What’s it like to work at a company where each employee is given free rein to develop their own questions and drive their own projects forward? Listen to our colleagues tell you about their experience.

Spela videoklipp

Rajashekar Chandru

CPAC Systems makes you feel welcome. There's a high level of both expertise and responsibility, and there's always something exciting going on. These are some of the things that attracted Raj. He works as a system developer when he's not busy snowboarding or cooking. CPAC Systems offers opportunities for professional and personal development.

Spela videoklipp

Jonas Larsson

We welcome hard rock and family commitments. Jonas, our keenest concert-goer, explains how CPAC Systems allows room for all aspects of life.

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