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Mastering control systems for electric drivelines lies at the heart of CPAC Systems’s expertise. Our know-how spans a wide spectrum, from crafting electrical actuators for steer-by-wire applications in marine vessels to delivering comprehensive systems for seamless integration of e-powertrains into industrial vehicles.

Our legacy in this field is one to be proud of, underpinned by a demonstrated expertise in electrical motors, power electronics, and converters. When it comes to propulsion solutions, CPAC Systems plays a pivotal role by providing vehicle control systems that seamlessly marry electrical powertrains with the respective vehicles. The CPAC Systems EV control system isn’t just a component; it’s a gateway to productivity solutions across a diverse array of applications. We customize these solutions to precisely align with our customers’ requirements, ensuring optimal operational competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

Along with our solutions for driveline electrification, our suite of connected services empowers you to closely monitor your vehicle’s health in real time. But our commitment extends even further – with our aftermarket solution, you gain access to remote diagnostics and the ability to conveniently download software over-the-air (OTA).

As an advocate for electromobility, CPAC Systems also takes pride in contributing to charging solutions tailored for urban bus fleets. Our holistic approach ensures that we’re not just pioneering technology but also fostering sustainability in the ever-evolving world of transportation.

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