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CPAC Systems is your gateway to mastering a diverse range of vehicles – from navigating large boats to paving asphalt or commanding snow groomers, we empower operators to enhance their skills. With two decades of dedicated experience, we’ve been on a transformative journey that commenced with Volvo Penta, resulting in simplified lives for countless ship operators, spanning from eager novices to seasoned captains. The success of Volvo Penta Easy Boating is an excellent example of our established presence in the industry.

But our influence extends well beyond the sea. We’ve harnessed our expertise to revolutionize industrial applications. Combined with state-of-the-art connected services, we’ve automated and digitized substantial portions of our clients’ operations, enabling machine operators to streamline their tasks and elevate work quality. Our contributions positively impact the daily work environment for thousands and foster heightened competitiveness for our clients. In partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, we’ve introduced Co-Pilot, a suite of innovations brimming with productivity-enhancing features designed for various vehicle types.

Our extensive experience and product portfolio serve as valuable building blocks adaptable to new horizons. This opens the door to cost-effective development of innovative solutions with swift time-to-market implementation.

The heart of our productivity service development beats within the Hydra vehicle platform, which you can delve deeper into under our Products section.

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