Unlocking Innovation and Value

Discover solutions that CPAC System has been providing to international operations improving their bottom-line.

Generating a great idea is a challenge, but turning it into a valuable industrial product is an even greater one. At CPAC Systems, this is our daily pursuit. We channel our knowledge and expertise into ideas that deserve to be more than just concepts. While embedded systems remain our heritage, our offerings encompass much more.

Empowering Industries with Embedded Systems

Embedded systems lie at the core of CPAC System’s passion. The possibilities are limitless. From tailor-made user interfaces for industrial applications to security-critical control/drive-by-wire systems, we add value to your ventures within a supply-oriented, agile framework, maintaining unwavering quality standards.

Unlocking Vehicles' Productivity Potential

Mastering large boats, laying asphalt, or maneuvering a snow groomer—our goal is to make these skills accessible to everyone. With 20 years of experience, CPAC System has simplified the lives of operators of various vehicles. Our journey began with Volvo Penta, and together, we’ve eased the paths of countless mariners, from novices to seasoned captains. Volvo Penta Easy Boating is a well-established concept in the industry.

Revolutionizing Transportation with Autonomous Solutions

Are you in need of autonomous transport from point A to B in challenging terrain and confined areas? CPAC Systems crafts solutions for diverse industries, spanning from autonomous trucks in complex, off-grid mining environments to GPS-based control systems that optimize agricultural operations

Mastery in Electromobility Control Systems

Electrical motor control systems are at the heart of CPAC System’s core competence. Our expertise ranges from electrical actuators for steer-by-wire applications in marine vehicles to complete systems for e-powertrain integration in industrial vehicles.