Technology is our soul

Our company is based on our ability to understand its possibilities and how to turn these into customer value. In close collaboration with our clients, we push technology forward. We have a clear understanding on how to create value for us and our clients. We do not always do what is mainstream or standard for the industry. Therefore, our technical philosophy is a clear statement about what to expect when working with us as a client, as an employee or as a partner.

While technology is our soul, end-user value is our focus. We are passionate about technology, but not for the sake of it. We use it to create value – for our clients, our partners and ourselves. We create products and features that differentiate our clients from their competitors. Our products are also aimed at generating new revenues. This is what we define as differentiating technology.

Our main challenge is that we do not have the luxury to focus on being only a stable industrial partner, or a fast moving creative partner for innovation. Our clients need us to be both. It is easy to create fancy features in concept vehicles or stand-alone solutions. But to transfer the solutions into industrialised products at a competitive cost over the whole lifecycle, and where they can be part of an industrial system over the same cycle, is something completely different. We offer industrialised innovation!

Together we take control

We could have called it our technical guideline, but this is so much stronger than a guideline. It’s what we do. This is our philosophy. We have long experience of using technology to change markets, to improve the value-chain and to introduce new technologies to highly conservative markets. These following statements form the basis of our philosophy:

There needs to be one system integrator for differentiating technology in safety critical applications. We believe that industrial standards generate value for parts of the electronic system that are suitable for open standards. But not all features and products match that requirement, nor does all OEM business models. Complex products increase the need for a holistic view and control when integrating components and sub-systems. Development of safety-critical functionality combined with high added value requires one active system integrator to guarantee fail-safe operations. This is the role we strive to take on either a sub-system level or for a complete vehicle system to support our clients.

We make money on selling successful products, not on development projects. If an idea can generate value, it is best proven through quick prototyping. The sooner we can prove a concept’s value, the sooner we will be able to introduce a product to the market and generate revenues. Minimizing time-to-market is one of our unique selling points and we achieve it both through our development approach and by helping our customers make conscious decisions in time.

We take pride in being an innovative company and we do not mind re-inventing the wheel. We always challenge existing beliefs and solutions using our technical and business competence. It is not always necessary for us to develop new technology. Instead, we focus on combining existing technologies to create new value for the end user whenever possible. Using what is available and partnering with the best helps us to realize more of our ideas, minimize time-to-market and investment costs. But when no existing technology is available, we develop cutting edge solutions, working across multiple technology areas. Always knowing what is “new” and understanding how to integrate these technologies in the best possible way are a large part of our core competence.

We take full responsibility for the end product over the product lifecycle. We believe that if you are responsible for the product’s lifecycle, you have a different attitude towards its development, unlike an external consultant with little or no exposure to problems that might occur later on. To be frank, we know that if our design is poor in quality or performance, we will have to clean up the mess ourselves. When we accept an assignment, we know that we will drive it from idea to prototype to industrialized product. Taking responsibility means taking control and thinking about the next step from the very start. We take responsibility for doing the right things, not only for doing things right. We rely on both our individual and collective judgment and competence. They enable us to make the right decisions, to cut the right corners and to build lean structures. When we don’t agree, we speak up.

Pioneering requires courage to make mistakes. The challenge is to make the right ones and with strength manage the ones we do. Developing products for safety-critical environments usually leaves little room for mistakes and we need to be aware of which ones we cannot make. At the same time, we need to be competitive and introduce products with focus on time-to-market and end-user value. We understand that the consequences of making mistakes at an early stage are significantly smaller compared to later on in the process. And we never lose sight of what is important, even when working with an abundance of requirements.

Prioritization drives productivity and innovation. We will make sure that we never have enough resources to complete everything we want to do. That’s a strategic choice. Because we are most effective when we need to actively prioritize our focus, and when we are forced to invent new ways of working in order get more things done. The level of ambition in projects is set through conscious decisions by management supported by the expertise of the team members.

We partner up with our clients. A partnership is a long-lasting commitment based on mutual respect and sharing. Our technical competence is our entry ticket. Our ability to create and maintain relationships with our clients is what will allow us to identify differentiating technology. Our curiosity and competence allows us to quickly learn our client’s business with all the challenges and opportunities of their customers. We choose clients that recognize the value of partnerships and share our view that the best ideas are created in intersections of our combined fields of knowledge. If a client knows exactly what they need and how to achieve it, our value contribution will be limited.

Our values and our culture form the foundation of our work. We believe that safeguarding human values and creating a profitable business goes hand in hand. The potential of our co-workers is our key to success and we give room to it by actively promoting risk-taking and responsibility. Our culture is based on passion, joy and entrepreneurial creativity. By conquering fear and being open about our weaknesses we open ourselves to becoming inter-dependent with others. We work as a living organism, not in a static organization.


By actively living according to our philosophy, we can stay competitive over time. For our clients, this means a competent and reliable associate – a trusted industrial partner for innovation. For us, it simply means taking control forward.