Anyone could come up with a good idea.
We have the ability to execute it.

We put as much effort into developing our products as we do coming up with the idea itself. It is only then that it takes on real meaning and strengthens our customers' business.


Easy boating

We are currently working on automating several parts, which among other things could reduce fuel consumption and increase sustainability. How about being able to dock the boat completely automatically? We call it auto docking. The product will be launched shortly.


The requirements for precision and profitability in earthmoving and construction operations have increased in recent years. Yet technical assistive devices are not evolving at the same rate. Here we saw an opportunity to streamline operations, raise productivity and reduce environmental impact while making machine operators’ work more independent and enjoyable.

Autonomous vehicles

At CPAC we develop technical systems for autonomous vehicles. This might include driver assistance systems that help the driver in a specific work situation, or being involved in developing completely autonomous vehicles. We have carried out several exciting development projects in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, for example for the Brazilian sugar cane industry.

Our customers

All of our products are developed for, and bring value to, Volvo Group, i.e. Volvo Penta, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses and Volvo CE as well as external clients such as Yamaha.