Who can pilot large boats, lay asphalt or operate a snow groomer? Everyone, if it’s up to CPAC. We have spent 20 years making things easier for operators of different vehicles. Our journey started with Volvo Penta, and together we’ve made life easier for thousands of mariners, from enthusiastic amateurs to professional captains. Volvo Penta Easy Boating is a well-established concept in the industry.

Our know-how is also used in industrial applications. In combination with connected services, we automate and digitise large parts of our customers’ flows and help machine operators rationalise and increase the quality of their work. We improve the work environment for thousands of people and make our customers more competitive. In collaboration with Volvo CE, we have developed Co-Pilot, a system containing productivity-raising functionality in several vehicle types.

Our experience and product portfolio are valuable building blocks that can be applied in new contexts. This creates excellent opportunities for cost-effective development of new solutions with short time-to-market. 

Our productivity service development is based on the Hydra vehicle platform, which you can read more about under Products. 

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