Curious as a 4-year-old.
Precise as a 70-year-old.

We are technology-driven business developers. We’re as inquisitive and curious as kids, but we never never lose sight of our inner engineer.

We find new solutions
by always being ourselves.

CPAC challenges businesses to stretch their comfort zones at a time when the focus largely seems to be on delivering orders according to pre-established specifications. By always being ourselves and viewing the world through fresh eyes, we create value-generating products that make a real difference, strengthen our customers’ offering and develop their business.

Freedom to
think creatively

Be yourself. Be bold, be brave. Be crazy enough to do what your heart tells you. Fail and go wild. Lose control to gain control. Do the right things; don't only do the things right. Invent new ways by being yourself.  

Meet our

What is it like to work at a company where each employee is given a free rein to develop their own questions and drive their own projects forward? Listen to us talk about CPAC’s philosophy.

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Rajashekar Chandru

CPAC makes you feel welcome. There’s a high level of both expertise and responsibility, and there’s always something exciting going on. These are some of the things that attracted Raj. He works as a systems developer when he’s not busy snowboarding or cooking. CPAC offers opportunities for professional and personal development.

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Jonas Larsson

We welcome hard rock and family commitments. Jonas, our keenest concert-goer, explains how CPAC allows room for all aspects of life.