Easy boating

CPAC was first in the market to launch a fully integrated electronic control system for boats over 30 feet. Since then, our products have continued making waves worldwide.

Automated solutions

Since starting up in 2001, we have developed many products that enhance boaters’ experience in different ways. One example is our direct control system which includes throttle and transmission controls. Other examples are our integrated control system and GPS anchoring system. But the project that has attracted the most attention is Easy Boating.

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The joystick that changed
the world

Mooring at a jetty or marina is one of the most challenging and stressful situations for boaters. There is often a lot of traffic and you need to keep control of your boat, control the bow thruster and navigate backwards and forwards, while at the same time controlling the helm. This requires three or four arms – at the very least.

We saw an opportunity. Why not use a joystick to simplify the whole situation? Just imagine being able to move the boat in all directions using just two fingers.

In collaboration with Volvo Penta, we put together a small, fast-moving team who developed a demo. This small-scale setup allowed each team member to work very closely with the product.



All key functions like the rudder, throttle, slip and transmission were integrated into a single system with the possibility of adding more functions in the future. Smart controls and a user-friendly interface provided boaters with an even better experience.

The joystick, which we call Easy Boating, became a symbol of technical and business development. Together with Volvo Penta, we had redefined the boating experience. We’ve taken the stress out of boating, and today almost anyone can moor a 60 foot boat. Now it’s a pleasure to glide into the marina without worrying about things going wrong.

We’re currently working on automating more parts, for example to reduce fuel consumption. We want to make the whole boating experience better and more sustainable.

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