There was no problem.
Then we solved it.

We develop good ideas into value-generating products that make a real difference and strengthen our customers’ business.

It’s hard to come up with a good idea. It’s even harder to transform this idea into an industrialised product that creates real value for people. Yet that’s exactly what we do every day. We invest knowledge and expertise in ideas that deserve to become more than just an attractive presentation. Our heritage is embedded systems, but our offering includes much more.

CPAC Test House for environmental testing

CPAC Test House provides state-of-the-art testing and verification services for product and systems developers in all sectors. Our test suite comprises everything from simulations and test design to environmental tests.

Embedded systems

CPAC loves embedded systems; they are the heart of our business. The applications are endless. We create value for our customers with tailor-made user interfaces for industrial applications all the way to security-critical control/drive-by-wire systems. We operate in a supply-oriented, agile environment, always with high quality standards.


Who can pilot large boats, lay asphalt or operate a snow groomer? Everyone, if it’s up to us! CPAC has spent 20 years making things easier for operators of different vehicles. Our journey started with Volvo Penta, and together we’ve made life easier for thousands of mariners, from enthusiastic amateurs to professional captains. Volvo Penta Easy Boating is a well-established concept in the industry.

Autonomous vehicles

Do you need autonomous transport from A to B in challenging terrain and in a limited area?
We develop solutions for various industries. These can range from autonomous trucks in complex mining environments without connection, to GPS-based control systems that streamline agricultural operations.


Control systems for electrical motors is a part of CPAC core competence. Our experience range from electrical actuators for steer by wire application in marine vehicles to complete systems for e-powertrain integration into industrial vehicles.