At CPAC we have been dedicated to safety-critical systems for more than 20 years. We have used our extensive experience and knowledge to refine our own development processes to ensure high standards and high quality in our deliveries. By Västra Götaland region (VGR), we were given the task to set a development method that complies to the medical technology standard SS-EN_62304, a software process in medical technology.

Based on CPAC development process and a thorough analysis of the standard, we defined the VGR development method in close collaboration with VGR's own engineers. After a hand-over period, this method is now in operational use and VGR can independently benefit from the development method derived from CPAC processes and knowledge about software development.

This is an example where good practice and experience is transferred between industries, in this case from safety critical automotive software to medical technology. This interaction across industries is valuable in both directions, generating wider perspective and insights. Each project we execute is analysed in retrospective and learnings are incorporated in CPAC development process.

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