The requirements for precision and profitability in earthmoving and construction operations have increased in recent years. Yet technical support system devices are not evolving at the same rate. Here we saw an opportunity to streamline operations, raise productivity and reduce environmental impact while making machine operators’ work more independent and enjoyable.

Machine operators’ new partner

Traditionally, a machine operator’s work has been based on estimations. Operators have often either had to rely on information from colleagues on the ground or climb out of the machine to take a look.

After visiting construction sites, speaking to machine operators and personally test-driving machines, we knew exactly what product was lacking in the market. In close collaboration with Volvo CE, we developed an interactive on-board display that gives the machine operator real-time information.

Volvo Co-Pilot, as the product is called, integrates vehicle functions such as production, fuel efficiency, operation time and safety. All the information is shown in a clear, easily overviewable display on a high-resolution touchscreen. The driver can either use the information to assist their work or key in exact data for the operation to be performed. Co-Pilot gives the driver complete control over the machine and even greater precision.


Integrated precision

CPAC was first in the world to achieve a seamless interaction between machine data, different applications and the specific work situation. Co-Pilot is now used in a wide range of Volvo machines, from excavators to asphalt pavers.

Excavator operators can monitor in real time exactly where to lower the bucket, its depth in the ground and the amount of weight it has loaded. With all this information, the operator no longer needs to move around the machine and no extra staff are needed on the ground, for instance to measure the excavation depth. This makes the work more independent and enjoyable and significantly improves workplace safety. Co-Pilot allows asphalt paver operators to monitor the asphalt’s exact temperature and density and view a map showing where to lay the asphalt.

Today Co-Pilot is used in Volvo CE wheel loaders, excavators, asphalt compactors, asphalt pavers and dumpers.