Autonomous vehicles

Do you want to execute autonomous transport missions from A to B in a rugged & confined environment? We offer competence for both local and connected, autonomous vehicles. We develop solutions for various industries, ranging from autonomous trucks in complex mining environments without connection to GPS-based control systems for more efficient agriculture.

By merging sensor data from conventional sensors (IMUs, GPS) and high-tech sensors such as 3D Lidars, we can position vehicles below centimeter precision. 

Thanks to our “virtual control tower”, we will put vehicles to duty and they navigate the desired route on their own. Obstacle detection makes the navigation safe and traffic management makes it smooth.


Wondering about robustness and coping with harsh environment? We’ve tested on dusty, icy, muddy, snowy tracks, open air and in narrow tunnels. We’re constantly monitoring vehicles for failures and offer back up scenarios to minimize downtime.

Our solutions will increase uptime and with complementary telematic solutions you can monitor vehicle health in real time. The aftermarket solution includes remote diagnostics and possibility to download software OTA.

In addition, we combine autonomy with unique productivity solutions for a range of applications and vehicles.

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