Airfield Pilot

Every day, 100,000 planes take off from the world's airports. When it snows, the traffic is at a standstill. We are technology-driven entrepreneurs and together with Aebi Schmidt we saw an opportunity to develop a system that streamlines snow removal, creates great value for the end user and ensures up-time at the world's airports.



Airfield Pilot is based on CPAC Productivity Platform, widely used in large range of productivity applications in different industrial segments. The snow removal application is developed together with Aebi Schmidt, industry leaders in snow removal vehicles and experts in this segment. Snow removal at airports is an extremely advanced operation where up to twelve vehicles interact and drive in formations on runways and taxiways.


Airfield Pilot automate and increase productivity in three steps.

Step 1: Driver Guidance
Operators are guided by visual indicators in Airfiled Pilots user interface to establish better accuracy and efficiency in the vehicle fleet. 

Step 2: TJS Control
Automatic control of plow, sweeper and blower, allowing the driver to focus on vehicle position.

Step 3: Supervised Driving
Full automation (L3, with safety driver) of the entire snow removal operation which provides full productivity and minimizes human errors.

The evolution in steps 1-3 provide a combination of productivity, automation and connected services between vehicles. Combined with cloud-based fleet management systems, the vehicle fleet is effectively controlled, and vehicle routs are dynamically distributed. Communication with air traffic control tower is established to ensure safe operations on the airport. Together with our friends at Aebi Schmidt and Volvo Group, the vision is to fully automate snow removal at the world's airports and all their vehicle fleets.


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