Differentiating technology

For every innovation we put on the market and every project we implement, our portfolio of products, functions and services grows. With adaptations and integration efforts, these building blocks can be applied in a wide range of industrial vehicles. The portfolio is a valuable asset, that enables cost-effective development and innovation, in new areas and in new contexts. An important advantage in times of disruptive, technological evolution.

Airfield Pilot

Every day, 100,000 planes take off from the world's airports. When it snows, the traffic is at a standstill. We are technology-driven entrepreneurs and together with Aebi Schmidt we saw an opportunity to develop a system that streamlines snow removal, creates great value for the end user and ensures up-time at the world's airports.


In line with CPACs sustainability ambitions, we are entering the e-mobility segment in a successful partnership with Tico and Volvo Penta. TICO is a North American pioneer in fleet services, terminal services, and terminal tractor manufacturing. Volvo Penta is a leading supplier of powertrain solutions for various industrial applications.


At CPAC we have been dedicated to safety-critical systems for more than 20 years. We have used our extensive experience and knowledge to refine our own development processes to ensure high standards and high quality in our deliveries. By Västra Götaland region (VGR), we were given the task to set a development method that complies to the medical technology standard SS-EN_62304, a software process in medical technology.

Easy boating

We are currently working on automating several parts, which among other things could reduce fuel consumption and increase sustainability. How about being able to dock the boat completely automatically? We call it auto docking. The product will be launched shortly.


The requirements for precision and profitability in earthmoving and construction operations have increased in recent years. Yet technical assistive devices are not evolving at the same rate. Here we saw an opportunity to streamline operations, raise productivity and reduce environmental impact while making machine operators’ work more independent and enjoyable.

Autonomous vehicles

At CPAC we develop technical systems for autonomous vehicles. This might include driver assistance systems that help the driver in a specific work situation, or being involved in developing completely autonomous vehicles. We have carried out several exciting development projects in collaboration with Volvo Trucks, for example for the Brazilian sugar cane industry.

Meet our employees

Do you follow your own path or someone else’s? Meet some of our coworkers as they share their experiences of running their own projects and develop new ideas.