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At CPAC Systems, we specialize in crafting advanced technical systems for vehicle automation. Whether it’s creating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to enhance operator capabilities in specific work scenarios or actively contributing to the development of fully autonomous vehicle systems, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation.

Increased Efficiency

Reproducible results every time through automation will enable more precise forecasting and less waste.

Reduced Operational Costs

By reducing the potential for high labour turn-over, operational down-time can be minimized to reduce costs.

Improved Work Environment

The operators will be liberated from dangerous and repetitive tasks to focus on improving their other tasks.

Augmented Product Offering

As an OEM it’s crucial to make the difference on the market, that’s just the kind of edge that’ll boost your position. 

Our theory in practice

Our portfolio boasts a series of captivating projects conducted in collaboration with industry giants. One standout example being our venture into revolutionizing the Brazilian sugar cane industry together with Volvo Trucks Brazil.

In this particular application, the cooperation between harvesters and trucks is a finely-tuned performance. The truck operator’s skill is measured by their ability to maintain precise synchronization with the harvester’s speed and stay within the designated track, safeguarding the valuable sugar cane crops. In regular operation, human error contributes to an average of four percent of harvest losses. These losses translate into substantial financial setbacks.

Our innovation liberates the driver from the burden of steering, constantly keeping the truck in an optimal distance to the harvester and following the pre-defined tracks with outstanding precision. This not only fosters a superior work environment but also enhances driver productivity.

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