Volvo Penta  has announced its ambitions to redefine the off-highway industry by embracing and offering customer-centric productivity solutions. For more than two decades, its subsidiary company CPAC Systems has served as an important technology accelerator for various Volvo Group companies. The future ambition is to make this innovative know-how available to vehicle manufacturers in various industries. CPAC Systems’ extensive expertise within advanced vehicle control systems provides a proven framework for industrial customization.

While the technology for vehicle controls, automation, and advanced analytics is readily available, creating substantial value necessitates a combination of technology and domain expertise. This approach requires reimagining processes, building new capabilities, and having a strategic foresight, all with close collaboration with operators, fleet managers, OEMs, and technology players.

CPAC Systems’ wide range of solutions such in the areas of productivity enhancement, machine control systems and vehicle automation, will play a pivotal role in building and optimizing industrial productivity solutions for off-highway needs. This synergy between Volvo Penta and CPAC Systems is a significant step toward providing OEMs and the market with more rapid and effective solutions.

“Our experience and product portfolio are valuable building blocks that can be applied in various contexts. This creates excellent avenues for cost-effective development of new solutions with a short time-to-market,” remarked Johannes Hauptmann, CEO of CPAC Systems in the press release published by Volvo Penta today.

Agritechnica 2023 is the platform where this collaborative activation will be kicked-off, offering visitors the chance to witness the future of off-highway machinery. CPAC Systems will join Volvo Penta in their booth (Hall 15, Stand H19) from November 12th-18th.

Read more about the initiative here in the Press Release from Volvo Penta.  

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