Greetings from one of our diligent engineers – Erik Lund

Here’s a greeting from one of our diligent engineers, Erik Lund, who recently visited Mallorca as part of his work with marine control systems. (LinkedIn)

Hi there,
Working as an engineer, it’s important to me that what I develop is working and performing as it’s supposed to. It is therefore incredibly rewarding to visit our customers’ boats and test our software in a wide range of installations. 

This time around, we visited our customers in Spain and made some tests with Assisted Docking. Assisted Docking is a feature which automatically holds the boat in place, compensating for winds and currents. It makes it easier to perform accurate manoeuvres with your boat, since you don’t have to manually compensate for the wind. All in all, it makes driving a boat much more like driving a car. The tests we performed went very well, and the customer who lent us their boat was impressed, which makes it all the more fun.

Erik Lund

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