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Volvo Penta delivers its latest innovative Glass Cockpit system for a fully customizable boating experience.  

Glass Cockpit System


Volvo Penta has taken boating to a new level of intelligent design with its upgraded Glass Cockpit system.

The new generation of Glass Cockpit,  which is now available for all sized boats, expands Volvo Penta's collaboration with Garmin for an advanced monitoring and control system that makes boating easier. 

Volvo Penta’s easy boating concept is hailed by lovers of ‘smart’ technology.  

Smart Technology


Volvo Penta’s enhanced Glass Cockpit system welcomes a new generation of marine-lovers for whom ‘smart’ technology is a way of life.

First there were smart-phones and smart-cars, and Volvo Penta added ‘smart-boats’ to the list of technological advances which are revolutionizing the way we live our lives.

The new generation of Glass Cockpit further develops the all-in-one system that enables marine-lovers to monitor and control every aspect of boating, from the propulsion system to navigation monitoring, and the cabin environment.

CPAC’s new WCCM - an open interface between electric vehicles and charging infrastructures  

CPAC Systems latest product, the Wireless Charging Control Module (WCCM), a control and communication node designed and developed in-house, ensures a standardized open interface between the electric vehicle and the charging infrastructure. 


This is in relation to the news that a group of European electric bus manufacturers have agreed on an open interface for charging.

European bus manufacturers Irizar, Solaris, VDL and Volvo have agreed to ensure the interoperability of electric buses with charging infrastructure provided by ABB, Heliox and Siemens. The objective is to ensure a standardized, open interface between electric buses and charging infrastructure to facilitate the introduction of electric bus systems in European cities. 

Electrification of public bus transport is the most important development within cities today as a measure against congestion, noise and air pollution. Many of these cities are already implementing plans for electric bus systems well ahead of the European standards expected to come in place 2019 and international standards in 2020.

Hemisphere GNSS Announces Strategic Partnership Expansion with CPAC Systems  

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA – April 13, 2016 – Hemisphere GNSS is pleased to announce a significant expansion of their strategic partnership with CPAC Systems, Gothenburg, Sweden (CPAC), owned by the Volvo Group. After signing a large contract, Hemisphere will now be the sole source of GNSS positioning and heading systems to CPAC Systems.

Hemisphere’s technology is being used in the recently announced Co-Pilot series for Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) as part of Volvo CE’s industry-changing machine control solutions.

“We were extremely pleased to be chosen by CPAC for use of our GNSS technology,” said Chuck Joseph, Hemisphere GNSS President and CEO. “We are proud of the relationship we have developed with CPAC over the years. It is one of the most innovative companies in the industry and this latest, deeply integrated solution proves how well we collaborate to create value together. It is the very nature of this agreement that defines Hemisphere GNSS as a company, willing to work with and for our strategic partners. We see it as our responsibility to make certain we align ourselves and our business strategy with our OEM and integrator partners like CPAC.”

Intelligent machine solutions drive revamped services portfolio at bauma 2016 Excerpt

Volvo Co-Pilot

Volvo Construction Equipment is launching a new approach to its comprehensive customer services and solutions portfolio, along with launches of an innovative control display and a range of advanced machine management services.



At bauma 2016 Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is launching a new approach to how it offers services and solutions to customers. The new method gives greater clarity on both the range of services and solutions offered, and the value they deliver for customers’ operations and businesses. Volvo CE will also use the show for the international unveiling of its revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot onboard services display, and advanced ‘Assist’ machine services – Dig Assist (pictured), Load Assist, Compact Assist and the soon-to-be available Pave Assist.


Volvo Co-Pilot – your partner in the cab

Bauma will also be the international launch of the company’s exciting new on-board display – the in-house developed Volvo Co-Pilot. Designed for use on machines as diverse as excavators to pavers, Volvo Co-Pilot uses a tablet computer to deliver a new generation of intelligent machine services, such as Load Assist, Dig Assist, Compact Assist and Pave Assist (see below for more details). 
Ruggedized for use in a construction environment, Volvo Co-Pilot and the Assist-functionalities are introduced to the market as part of Efficiency Services, with the ultimate aim of producing higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort. 




Still hot on the heels of Bauma where Volvo CE launched the Volvo Co-Pilot platform  

 Last week at Bauma, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) created quite a stir when it unveiled its innovative and revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot services as part of its new intelligent machine solutions.

There were people lining up to try the new machines with the Volvo Co-Pilot and Assist services. We took competitors by surprise, and customers by storm. Amongst the feedback was that we totally understood our customers’ business and application needs. So what was the hype about?

Volvo Co-Pilot

The Volvo Co-Pilot platform, and the advanced ‘Assist’ machine services - Dig Assist, Load Assist, Compact Assist and the soon-to-be available Pave Assist - are the machine operator's best friends. They enable the operator to quickly and independently manage all operations at the construction site with ease, accuracy and full control. 

The Volvo Co-Pilot is designed to take the complexity out of the daily operator work; it is intuitive enough to operate with minimal training, and on-screen support is always available at the touch of a button thus, optimizing ease of operation and uptime. The operator can also customize functions and targets in seconds to easily monitor the progress of his/her work with greater independence and confidence.

New software functionality is remotely delivered thanks to over-the-air software updates which are always under the customer’s full control. Volvo Co-Pilot also has its own cloud storage where production data and reports are stored for remote access.

Remember the stir Volvo Co-Pilot caused at bauma 2016? Well, it's caused another stir  

The Volvo Co-Pilot continued to create ripples when it beat other top performers to win the Car HMI Award 2016 in the category 'Most innovative HMI feature'. Imagine a construction machine winning an award at a car event. Talk about technology crossing borders. Presented by we.CONNECT, the awards were part of Europe’s leading HMI and UX event which brought together more than 200 experts in HMI, usability and user experience.

“It is a tremendous honor for Volvo CE to win this prestigious innovation award,” said Sidney Levy, design director at Volvo CE. “Volvo Co-Pilot sets a new industry standard, puts the user at the heart of the system and is the first step towards an integrated, holistic solution for worksite optimization. With its intelligent assist-functionalities, the system allows our customers to work more efficiently and safer than ever before. This award is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of Volvo CE’s skilled employees who continue to push the boundaries of technology and design."

The award is also a tribute to the proactive collaboration between Volvo CE and CPAC Systems who worked together to develop the revolutionary Volvo CE platform. "We are extremely proud that this collaboration is recognized within the automotive community," said Richard Berkling, President of CPAC Systems. "The award just reemphazises what we at CPAC Systems are passionate about: turning differentiating technology into industrialized solutions where true integration optimizes cost as well as productivity for our customers."

CPAC Systems är Västsveriges cykelvänligaste arbetsplats!  

Västsveriges cykelvänligaste arbetsplats utsedd! Gissar vem vann? Yes, vi!

Det finns mängder med cykelvänliga arbetsplatser i Västsverige, men bäst för cyklister är CPAC Systems i Mölndal. Under 2016 har de gjort vardagen extra lätt för sina cyklande medarbetare.

– Cykling är bra för både vårt företag och för våra anställda, säger Anders Pihl på CPAC Systems. Vår satsning på att vara cykelvänliga bidrar till trivsel och hälsa, och får även bieffekten att många söker arbete spontant hos oss, eftersom vi är rädda om både människa och miljö.

Under 2016 bjöds arbetsplatser i Västsverige in att delta i Cykelvänlig arbetsplats, en tävling där företag klassas som ”cykelvänliga” efter att ha nått upp till ett visst antal kriterier. Totalt 88 cykelvänliga företag anmälde sig till årets omgång.

– Alla deltagare har varit engagerade och underlättat för cyklister på olika sätt, men CPAC har tagit cykling på arbetsplatsen till ytterligare en nivå, och kommit med flera egna idéer, säger Karin Ryberg, på Hållbart resande väst, som ligger bakom Cykelvänlig arbetsplats.

Summer job applications 2017 are now closed Summer work application is now closed. Thank you to all who applied for a summer job here at CPAC Systems. We are processing the applications now and we will be in touch with you end March 2017. Thank you for your patience.

First Android platform for Volvo Group Volvo CE took another important step towards the realization of Enabled Machines at the World of Asphalt show in Baltimore. This time it was Density Direct, an intelligent compaction system with real-time density measurement for compactors, that stole the show.

Obtaining the right density when compacting asphalt is crucial for securing long lifetime of the surface layer. By using accelerometers an Android-based 10’ rugged touch display with high precision GNSS (GPS) and a sophisticated algorithm, Volvo CE has managed to create a system that allows the driver to obtain perfect compaction without the need for manual core sampling or guesswork. From a technical perspective the system is a giant leap into the era of new productivity enabling technology. The Enabled Machine platform efficiently integrate fast paced technology like Android with the conventional vehicle systems and communication allowing for rapid development of value-adding services without compromising safety or uptime.

IPS preferred choice for dual-hull DNV certified off-shore application Volvo Penta: After initially being designed to accommodate a different propulsion system, Njord Offshore’s four new windfarm crew vessels are all fitted with Volvo Penta IPS900 and the EVC control system.

As agents for their shipowners, Njord Offshore – the commercial and technical managers of a fleet of 21m and 26m transfer vessels – have ordered four new 26m catamarans containing quadruple installation of the Volvo Penta IPS900 complete propulsion systems, based on Volvo Penta marine commercial D13 engines, IPS pod units and the EVC control system.

The crew transfer vessels from Strategic Marine were initially designed to accommodate a traditional shaft drive. However when the director of Njord Offshore, Tom Mehew, tested Volvo Penta’s SC Amethyst demo boat at this year’s Seawork International exhibition in Southampton, UK, in June, he was so impressed by the inboard propulsion system’s simple engine room installation, superior handling and bollard pull that designs were changed to accommodate Volvo Penta IPS.


We love innovative thinking At CPAC Systems, we are passionate about turning advanced technology into industrialized solutions for our end customers.

Do you have a thesis idea that you think will fit in with what we do at CPAC Systems? Why don't you come in to our office and pitch it to us? 

Thesis work recruitment

Volvo Dynamic Steering gives Volvo buses improved safety and comfort. This autumn marks the integration of Volvo’s unique steering system, Volvo Dynamic Steering, with several of Volvo’s coach models. Substantially improving directional stability, comfort and safety, the system also significantly reduces the risk of occupational injury.

“Volvo Dynamic Steering has been a feature of Volvo’s trucks since 2013, and the system is rated highly. Now we want to give our bus customers the same opportunity to benefit from improved work environment and road safety,” explains Peter Danielsson, head of vehicle features and safety at Volvo Buses.

In Europe, Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) is being integrated into the Volvo 9500, 9700 and 9900 as well as chassis with 8 or 11 litre engines for Euro 6. The official launch took place in October at the international Busworld exhibition, in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Simplified, safer driving performance

Compensating automatically for uneven road surfaces, Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) eliminates vibrations and steering kick, making driving significantly easier and more comfortable. When driving at low speeds, steering wheel inertia is reduced by around 75 per cent, which also makes reversing much easier. The system also facilitates steering, with the wheel automatically returning to centre when the driver’s grip is loosened somewhat. At high speeds, the bus maintains consistent direction, even on poor road surfaces.

“Fewer manual steering wheel movements and less vibration reduce the risk of wear and tear in muscles and joints, which means drivers don’t get so tired. Feeling more relaxed and able to remain focused during their whole shift, they also drive more safely.”

CPAC receives Volvo Technology Award We are proud to see that Volvo recognizes our contribution at the Volvo Technology Award 2014. This is the third time in nine years that CPAC is involved in winning this price. We are going for a fourth by 2016. Proud of CPAC and proud to be part of Volvo Group.

Rookie of the year Being a rookie is maybe not always something we're striving for but in this case we're more than willing to make an exception.

The City of Gothenburg runs a yearly competition called “Cykelvänlig arbetsplats”, i.e. bicycle-friendly workplace. The goal is to stimulate more people to take the bike to work and to use it as part of the work. Companies participating are assessed using three levels with 5-7 critera per level, aimed at making personnel choose the bicycle in front of other types of transportation. Spinoffs are many: better environment, increased health for the individual and higher productivity for the employer.

CPAC winner of Volvo Diversity Award CPAC has via our HR-manager and CTO, Anders Pihl, received the Volvo Penta Diversity Role Model Award. Diversity at CPAC is about making sure that everyone's competence is put to use and not hindered by the culture. Or, as Anders says: "I think about how they can contribute and I want all employees to know that CPAC's intention is to help them develop their own unique gifts, not to mold them into something they aren't."

Long time CPAC colleague and friend Martin Spåre has passed away Our long time CPAC colleague and friend Martin Spåre has passed away. Martin has been with us for many years and was a valued part of pushing CPAC forward and to higher standards. 

Volvo Penta signs America’s Cup deal The company will provide the engines, drives and dynamic positioning systems for a new class of America’s Cup support vessels

The New Magically Maneuverable Outboard Makin' magic - again...

We especially appreciate the note "will add real value". This is what CPAC is about!

Infrastructure minister visits CPAC CPAC had the ooportnity to host an infrastructure meeting with Infrastructure Minister of Sweden, Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, and her delagation. 

The Hamster Stunt Can you launch a fool-proof product on the market? Well, our latest product seems to be at least hamster-proof. Watch cute little Charlie steer a brand new Volvo FMX in a rough quarry. Will he make it to the top?  

This is a daring test of the latest steering system. One that's so easy to handle you can steer a heavy truck with your fingertips.

Looking forward to November 14th already... Volvo just launched a teaser to another epic truck commercial based on the new electronic Volvo Dynamic Steering system for trucks. We just sit back and enjoy the show:

The Epic Split Well, this time we wouldn't be able to replicate the stunt ourselves, at least not the split... All cred to Volvo and their creativity in launching new products. Volvo Dynamic Steering will make a huge difference to driver behaviour and comfort going forward. We are proud to be the supplier and development partner.

Next generation on-board telematics launched The second generation wireless ECU has now been launched. The W-ECU2 is an integrated component in the vehicle’s electronic architecture enabling vehicle positioning, logging, calculation and communication of any type of available vehicle data. 

Meet us at CareerDays in Scandinavium on May 26 If you're interested in what CPAC is all about, why we have chosen to focus on electronic integration in safety critical systems or what a potential career at CPAC could look like, please come and visit us at the CareerDays, booth C13.

Check this out The launch of the new FH truck is getting closer. At CPAC we really like one of the movies just released by the Volvo Group and would like to promote it to our followers. 

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We are looking for 15 skilled engineers to join our crew  

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